Christian Ministry & Theology

Our Christian Ministry and Theology courses are designed to equip you to be an effective follower of Jesus, and to release His Kingdom wherever you are, in the community, the workplace or church. 
In an atmosphere of revival, get closer to Him while you develop leadership skills and learn how to minister in a range of contexts.

Get Equipped For Kingdom Ministry

Discover your identity in Him, finding out how he has designed YOU to be.   
Experience personal transformation as you learn how to abide in the Father's love and grow in awareness of His presence in your life.
Be impacted by a fuller understanding of God as you dig into scripture. 
Develop a wide range of ministry skills and become an effective communicator. 


Pastors & Leaders

Develop the heart and skills needed to lead and minister within a church community


Missionary Workers

Gain understanding and experience in the mission field



Move forward in the vision God has given you for His Kingdom

Year 1 Subjects


Explore & Grow Your Faith

Grow in faith and in your ability to live as a follower of Jesus in the world today


Ministry Skills

Learn to minister through practical ministry and mission activities, including short-term mission trips


Holy Spirit

Know God’s heartbeat and presence in your life and learn how to minister out of His rest and through His power


Prayer with Passion

Explore biblical understandings of prayer and go deeper in personal prayer


Heart of Worship

Discover what it means to live a lifestyle of worship and encounter God in times of worship and prayer


The Transformed Life

Develop a connection with God that ensures transformation of your character, values, perspectives and approach to living

[This subject can be done in part-time modules - for more info click here]


Old Testament

After an overview, take the guided tour of Old Testament books and uncover what they mean to today


New Testament

Grow your knowledge of God, look at understanding and applying the New Testament



Take part in an active practical class where we encounter God in different ways

Year 2 Subjects


Leading In Life

Gain leadership skills to promote effective teamwork and help move people onto God’s agenda so they can win in life

[This subject can be done in part-time modules - for more info click here]


Theology That Works

Add understanding to your faith, explore major themes of Christianity and discover how they work in everyday life.


Power Of Worship

Discover what it means to live a lifestyle of worship and encounter God in times of worship and prayer


Search the Scriptures

Engage in in-depth study of Acts or Romans with emphasis on analysis, interpretation and application, to promote personal growth and change in your life


Revival Prayer

Explore different types of prayer as demonstrated in the bible including personal prayer and strategic intercession towards city and national transformation


Ministry Planning

Learn how to lead a team through a variety of practical ministry and mission activities including short-term mission trips and church ministry opportunities



Explore key themes related to Christian Worldviews


Manage Conflict

Learn how to manage conflict from a Christian perspective


Words of Life

Learn how to communicate what God puts on your heart


From Strength To Strength

Discover how God has grown the dynamic early church to become a worldwide unstoppable force. 


Identity, Message & Voice

Discover your identity as a Son and Daughter as He shapes your message to the world and gives you a voice



Learn to lead practical prayer and worship classes where we encounter God in different ways

Year 3 Subjects


Church and Kingdom

Learn how to transform every part of life and Church activity as you minister from a Kingdom perspective 



Take part in an active practical class where we encounter God in different ways


Theological Issues

Gain a broader theological understainding of Christian worldview and Christian movements past and present


Christian Life: Personal Healing

Recieve healing ministry and learn how to minister to others


Communicating Christ in a Multicultural World

Learn how to minister in cross cultural settings


Digging Deeper

Engage in in-depth analysis of major books of the bible, comparing your analysis with theologians and other writers


Ministry Projects

Start a ministry project and be mentored in the process

Course Fees

1 year course
$6,100 + plus application fee
  • Payment plans available
  • No prerequisite course required
  • Additional International Student fees apply
2 year course
$12,200 + plus application fee
  • Payment plans available
  • Includes prerequisite of Cert IV 
  • Available for Domestic Students 
1 year course
$6,000 + plus application fee
  • Payment plans available
  • Prerequisite of Diploma required
  • Available for Domestic Students


Additional Info

2018 Semester 2

Term 3: Monday 24 July - Friday 28 September 
Term 4: Monday 8 October – Friday 14 December 

Certificate IV

Tuesday 9:00am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 4:30pm


Tuesday 9:00am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 8:30pm


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  4. In Person - Cash or Mastercard/Visa/EFTPOS 

*All fees are in Australian dollars

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